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Soooooo….who am I?

I am a preacher, teacher and a writer.  I’m also an avid Red Sox (Big Poppi!), and Pats fan (in the era of Brady/Moss).  I love to hang out with my 3 children and dote on them, and they are the reason why I got started working with the streets.

I despised the fact that they were growing up in an inner-city that was resigned to violence as a way of life.  But, as a pastor, my profession was moving towards the whole mega-church/prosperity trend.  I thought it was so odd – that the rise of the mega-church phenomenon corresponded with the precipitous rise in youth homicides (late 80s – 90s). The message I was receiving was that if I wanted the safe city I desired, that I had to take my kids away from where we lived and build a “city  of God” (many pastors have done this).

It was not for me.  I thought about the children and families we would leave behind.  And the fact that violence was not bound to any particular geography.  I felt that God was saying something different to me.  I felt God was saying that I should stay…. that was 19 years ago.

I’ll say more about this, if you keep reading :-)

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  1. Kevin says:

    Good start. There is a Church of the New Testament and something that so-called Christians call a church of the 21st century. The church of today looks very little like the Church of the first century. The church of the 21st century has been consumed by the lust, greed, and violence of the culture of death. It is no wonder that an us and them mentality has developed. It has to do with the reflection. So often when one looks into a mirror – one does not like what one sees.

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