Praying for the City

This is the back of one of our community walkers shirt, as they were preparing to pray before hitting the streets.  Some people have asked, what do they do?  Do they pray?  Do they sing??  Do they go out and meet people???  I would say all of the above.

Community walking, however, is different from a Prayer Walk.  Those who are usually engaged in that process are not interacting with the people they encounter, except to deliver a message.  Community walkers have as their aim connecting and relating to those residents they encounter:  the youth on the street, the grandmother sitting on the stoop, the family barbecuing on the lawn.

The Church is on a recovery mission when we operate in this way:  we are our brother and sister’s keeper, and we have a responsibility to make known ourselves, and to make known those who have been voiceless and hidden in our community…

Bowdoin & Geneva Community Walk - July 22d

Bowdoin & Geneva Community Walk - July 22d


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