Youth talking about living in a “culture of violence” at CUFP meeting

Churches United for Peace Youth Mtg

Churches United for Peace Mtg

Last night Churches United for Youth Peace met at Twelfth Baptist Church to listen to the experiences of everyday youth grappling with community violence. The group, led by the Rev. Dr. Sylvia Johnson, is part of the Boston Foundation’s StreetSafe program, and aims to build the capacity of churches to work together addressing violence in their communities. The youth invited above were amazingly insightful and articulate in expressing their concerns, and they underscored for me the vital role that churches can play in helping youth learn how to resolve issues without resorting to extreme violence. I applaud Dr. Johnson’s efforts.

You are also a part of something today. It is called the movement of God on this earth. The LORD has chosen you to carry is Name and his Spirit, and to hold up the light in this darkened world. Because you represent the most powerful force in existence, you can do anything, even address and help youth overcome violence. Remember this, and represent Him well today…

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