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to end t=
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1 Endow the k=
ing with your justice, O God,

the royal son with your righteousness.
2 May he judge your people in righteousn=

    your affl=
icted ones with justice.

nbsp;May the mountains bring prosperity to the people,

    the hills the fruit of righteousne=

4 May he defend the affl=
icted among the people

and save the children of the needy;

    may he crush the oppressor.


Psalm 72:1-4



Fearless Leadership
This is a court=
psalm, attributed to the court of the King.  In other words, this is =
one of the songs the people would sing during the time of worship, when the=
ir political and spiritual leadership were present.  The Israelites wo=
uld thank God for the leadership provided, and would pray for him.  Pa=
ul in the 13th chapter of Romans admonishes us to respect the governing aut=
horities and pray for our leaders.  In this time of political change, =
while grappling with economic and social crises, a prayer for our President=
, and our political, civic and community leaders is in order.  Pray th=
at God will crown them with wisdom, justice and righteousness …

Lord,  I ask that you be with our nation at this crucia=
l time in our history.  Place your hand on our leaders, both local, st=
ate and national, and crown them with wisdom, justice and righteousness, in=
Jesus name,  AMEN.
God bless,


Rev. Jeffrey Brown




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