Fearless Beginnings




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  Matthew 1:1



Fearless Beginnings
How the Gospels=
begin is as important as how they end.  Each book beginning tells an =
intent that is emphasized throughout their chapters.  For Matthew, it =
is the fact that Jesus is connected to the legacy of Abraham, and is the fu=
lfillment of the ancient covenants of both Abraham (Gen 12:1-3) and David (=
2 Sam. 7:10-13).  Matthew grounds Jesus in Old Testament prophesy, and=
show his readers that he is the Messiah that they’ve looked for all those =
centuries.  Remember your spiritual roots today – that you are connect=
ed to this marvelous legacy through your Messiah (another word for Savior) =
Jesus Christ…

Lord, we celebrate our connection t=
o you – and to the great cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us.&nb=
sp; I thank you for the anchor that my faith stands on.  Bless this da=
y, in the name of our Messiah – our Savior Jesus we pray,  AMEN. 

God bless,


Rev. Jeffrey Brown




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